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The Mercer Financial Group, Inc. was established in 1987 after its principal had spent several years as a financial consultant with one of the nation's largest securities brokerage firms. The foundation of the company was built upon the belief that in order to meet client needs without conflict of interest required separation from a corporate structure which inherently emphasizes profit instead of client results.

The firm operates independently in the area of Securities Services, Taxes, Financial Planning, and Insurance. The only affiliations we maintain are those required by law, in all other respects we are independent. We believe each Client's financial objectives are accomplished through an optimal blend of financial expertise, financial services, and cost efficiency, an that an advisor's role is the unique ability to combine them.

Securities offered by indivduals through U.S. Brokerage, Inc.
673 Mohawk Street., Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43206 614.448.3200

The Mercer Financial Group, Inc. is
A Registered Investment Advisor with The New Jersey Bureau Of  Securities  
Licensed Insurance Producer with The New Jersey Dept. of Banking