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In todays competitive environment, it is paramount not only to offer a comprensive list of products and services, you must do so conveniently at a low cost. If you are presently offering securities services to your client or customer base or are considering adding these services to your business mix we can customize a platform to help you succeed. If you are a bank, credit union, registered representive, or investment advisor please contact Ralph Puzio for additional information.



Clearing Costs - A fixed dollar amount is charged for stock, bond, and mutual fund transactions. There are no cents per share costs for execution on retail trades.

Order Entry - You can telephone trade if desired or online trade utilizing software which will be provided. There are no additional charges for trading via either system nor is there a charge for the software.

Account Access -Both advisor and client can view their acccount(s) online by entering a user name and password. Account maintainence can be handled in this fashion by the advisor. There is no charge to client or advisor for use of these online services.

Online Trading - Client can trade online if pre-authorized by advisor, commission rates and client accessability can be customized as is appropriate for each specific business model.

Websites - If you have your own website you can integrate securities services along with the other products and services you offer. If you do not have a website you can provide online services through existing infrastructure.


INSURANCE & TAX DEFERRED ANNUITIES - We have  agency relationships with many highly rated companies and are available to offer these products and services to you if you are a licensed producer.




Contact us for a free trial run through the online account access system. Inquiries should be directed to Ralph Puzio at 609-586-7676 or by e-mail to: