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ACCOUNT TRANSFER PROGRAM - If $25,000 or more in cash or equities, or $50,000 of fixed income securities, is transferred to us, we will reimburse the transfer fees that may be imposed by the relinquishing company. IRA adm. and term. fees may also be reimbursed on larger accounts. Please call for details first as some exceptions may apply.  
COMMISSION PROMISE - If you buy a stock we recommend that later is sold through us at a loss, and we had never recommended selling it at a gain, only the minimum commission rate will apply to that trade.
FEE REIMBURSEMENT - Financial Planning Fees are quoted in advance. Often, the planning process will reveal that changes are needed to enhance or improve your position. Any compensation we may earn due to initial plan implementation effected through us will be reimbursed up to 100% of the initial fee amount. In other words you do not pay both a fee and a commission.

We have found that contacts made by referral from existing clients are more likely to need and value our services so if you are an existing client, as an incentive to refer us, we will give you your choice of:

$25 Credit towards your current year tax return
$25 off your next broker assisted stock trade
$25 off your next quarterly invoice for advisory services.
For the name of any friend or associate you provide who may have the need for our financial services, the first time we do any business with them as long as you are still our client.

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