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A Complete Range Of Financial Services

SECURITIES - You can purchase any publicly traded stock, bond, mutual fund, REIT, ETF, ADR, CD, option contract through one of our licensed representatives. See commission rate schedule or call for a quote.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS - Transfer Fee Reimbursement on Brokerage Accounts and Retirement Plans. Client Referral Incentives. Financial Plan and Advisory Fee Riembursement Program. See Special Programs or call for details.

BUSINESS RETIREMENT PLANS - We offer Money Purchase Pension, 401K, Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit Pension, SIMPLE, and SEP Plans using prototype plans offered by our affiliated mutual fund companies, insurance companies, or brokerage firm. These plans are usually less costly then plans set up privately.

INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT PLANS - IRA's both Roth and Traditional are available as well as Rollovers from employer sponsored plans. We will help you select the plan that best suits your needs.

EDUCATION PLANS - Education IRA, Section 529 Plans, and Uniform Gift To Minors accounts as well as other savings strategies can be implemented as needed. We will help you select the plan or strategy that is appropriate.

INCOME TAX - Individuals or Small Businesses can utilize our fully trained tax preparers. We will quote a fee in advance based on your prior years tax return and completion of a questionnaire to provide us with information about the tax return to be prepared. Many of our clients feel it completes the financial picture to have us also prepare their tax return.

TAX DEFFERRED ANNUITY - We offer a complete range of annuity contracts while monitoring many companies for competitive rates and financial stability. Choose either a fixed interest rate from 3 years to 10 years, a variable rate, or a rate linked to the stock market.

INSURANCE - Our licensed insurance agents can provide you with competitive quotes on Individual or Group Life Insurance. We are appointed with many companies will quote you only those with the lowest rate.


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